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The European Open 2014

November 1st, 2014 / Disneyland ® Paris
Disney's Hotel New York Convention Centre

Early Booking Date: 16.08.2014
Registration Deadline: 04.10.2014

The European Open is a championship open for all club teams that would like to compete on an international level in a great environment. The championship is not just open to teams from Europe but also to teams from all continents. Cheer divisions in different levels and three different age groups are offered. Dance teams can also choose between the three different divisions Cheer Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop. Also partnerstunt and groupstunt divisions are available. The judges panels will include well trained international judges from all over the world.

The European Open qualifies for the International UCA All Star Championship as well as for the World School Cheer Dance Championship in the following year at Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, Florida. Not only the best teams from each country in the world can qualify but the winning teams in special divisons receive a partially paid bid of the value of up to 2,500 EUR per team in the form of hotel packages at the championship in Orlando.
The International UCA All Star Championship with more than 20,000 athletes and coaches is one of the biggest and most prestigious championships in the world that offers all levels of cheerleading.

The World School Cheer Dance Championship with more than 7.000 dancers from all over the world offer a great variety of dance teams and skills. The championship does not only holding the Schoold Championship for the States but also a great all star competition within the event. More than 20 countries and some of the best US teams will be competing!

The Disneyland Paris is the perfect environment for this championship with activities, games and rides that spark the imagination in a family friendly environment. The championship will be held at the Times Square Ballroom of the Disney's Hotel New York Convention Centre.

Participating teams and spectators can book different packages including accomodation in different hotels, registration fees and park tickets for the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios and even touristic packages. Also packages that only include the registration fees and park tickets are available for commuting teams.

We are looking forward to meeting you at this amazing and unforgettable event when the whole world comes together in Europe!


Qualification Information

The qualification process to the International UCA All Star Championship and World School Cheer Dance Championship is possible for ALL COUNTRIES in the world including Canada and the USA.

The following divisions at The European Open will qualify for the International UCA All Star Championship in the following year:

- Senior Allgirl Cheer Premier
- Senior Coed Cheer Premier
- Senior Limited Coed Cheer Premier
- Junior Allgirl Cheer Elite
- Junior Coed Cheer Elite
- Peewee Cheer
- Senior Allgirl Groupstunt
- Senior Coed Groupstunt
- Senior Coed Partnerstunt

The following divisions at The European Open will qualify for the World School Cheer Dance Championship in the following year:

- Senior Cheer Pom
- Senior Hip Hop
- Senior Jazz
- Junior Cheer Pom
- Junior Hip Hop
- Junior Jazz
- Peewee Cheer Pom
- Peewee Hip Hop
- Peewee Jazz


Commuter and Participants Packages


Registration Fee only 55 EUR
Registration Fee only and Disney Park Ticket from 94 EUR

Packages include:
- Registration fees for the championship
- Hotel accomodation for the stay including breakfast
- Park ticket for one Disney Park for one day

Disney's Hotel Cheyenne
Round up the youngsters, put on your Stetsons and check in at the Hotel Cheyenne. Set in an authentic old western town surrounding, Disney's Hotel Cheyenne allows you to continue the frontierland experience of Disneyland Park. A horseshoe on the door. A cowboy boot-shaped lamp. Spacious rooms with a big sized and two bunk beds. The hotel is 5 minutes away by foot from the competition venue.

ONE Night Package from 134 EUR / p.P.
TWO Night Package from 166 EUR / p.P.
Extra Night from 37 EUR / p.P.

Disney's Hotel New York
If you are looking for a deluxe hotel where the service is sky high and the decor big and beautiful. Disney's Hotel New York is just the place for you.
The hotel is directly connected to the competition venue. Up to 4 persons can stay in one hotel room.

ONE Night Package from 158 EUR / p.P.
TWO Night Package from 204 EUR / p.P.
Extra Night from 64 EUR / p.P.

Please check the registration forms for all infos on friends and family discounts.


Additional Services

There are a lot of extra services that can be provided in the cause of The European Open. These services range from airport shuttle over extra night booking to dinner or bus tour arrangements. Please find more deatils of the different services in the registration forms. If you would like to request additional services please feel free to contact us any time.

Services offered such as:
* Catering options at Disneyland Paris
* Guided full or half day sightseeing tours
* Airport shuttles for your team and fans
* Eventshirts as souvenirs
* and many more


List of Divisions and Age Groups

SAP - Senior Allgirl Cheer Premier JAE - Junior Allgirl Cheer Elite
SAE - Senior Allgirl Cheer Elite JAN - Junior Allgirl Cheer Novice
SAN - Senior Allgirl Cheer Novice JCE - Junior Coed Cheer Elite
SCP - Senior Coed Cheer Premier JCN - Junior Coed Cheer Novice
SCE - Senior Coed Cheer Elite JP - Junior Cheerpom
SCN - Senior Coed Cheer Novice JH - Junior Hip Hop
SCLP - Senior Limited Coed Cheer Premier JJ - Junior Jazz
SP - Senior Cheerpom JDP - Junior Double Pom
SH - Senior Hip Hop JDH - Junior Double Hip Hop
SJ - Senior Jazz JDJ - Junior Double Jazz
SDP - Senior Double Pom JGR - Junior Groupstunt
SDH - Senior Double Hip Hop INS / INJ  - Individual Senior / Junior
SDJ - Senior Double Jazz PW - Peewee Cheer
SGR - Senior Groupstunt PP - Peewee Cheerpom
CGR - Senior Coed Groupstunt PH - Peewee Hip Hop
SPA - Senior Coed Partnerstunt PJ - Peewee Jazz

Senior Divisions: 1999 or older
Individual Senior: 2000 or older
Junior Divisions: 1995 - 2003
Individual Junior: 2001 or younger
Peewee Divisions: 2001 or younger


Registration Forms

At the following links you can download the registration forms for the The European Open 2014:

Registration Forms The European Open 2014 (english) / Version: 08.07.2014 


At the following link you can download the rulebook for the The European Open 2014.

For any inquiries regarding the rulebook please contact anne.tiepner@elite-cheerleading.de

The Rulebook of The European Open 2014 (Version: 11.08.2014)