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On 07./08. June 2014 ELITE Cheerleading is hosting the 11th ELITE Cheerleading Championship 2014 at the Movie Park Germany. It is Europe´s biggest cheerleading event - up to 4.000 athletes from all over Europe competed at last years edition. The Movie Park Germany theme park entertains children as well as adults with shows, activities, games and rides in a family friendly environment.

The ELITE Cheerleading Championship provides the opportunity to compete against international teams and national champions from all over Europe in a safe, fun and competitive atmosphere and take home great prices. The judges panel consists of some of the most experienced and talented cheerleaders and coaches from some of the most recognized cheerleading teams in the US and Europe.

Great new changes await you at this years edition of the ELITE Cheerleading Championship:

This year we are offering Team-Cheer categories in different Levels! You can find a list in the registration forms.

The prelims of all special categories will be staged in a video selection prior to the championship. Send us your skills video until the 27th April 2014. You will be informed about the qualification to the finals until the 18th May 2014! The video should not be longer than 1.30 min and be mainly uncut.

Due to the huge demand of the ELITE Staff Show every year you can now order tickets beforehand! The tickets are strictly limited to 2.000 and do not come with any extra fees! The tickets will be handed out at competition Check-In on the first day of the championship. You can order the tickets only with your binding registration and they are limited to the number of participants and assistants you are registering! Please note that you wont be granted access to Studio 7 without the ticket and that the Staff Show will be closed for public visitors of the Movie Park Germany.

In addition to the usual prices and qualifications you can also win great awards as the Grand Champion of the ECC 2014! The team with the highest scores of all team categories will receive a great surprise to take home straight away for all participants!

The European Challenge to “The Worlds” is the qualification process at the ELITE Cheerleading Championship for the IASF Cheer and Dance Worlds in Orlando 2015 exclusively for European teams in the Junior and Senior Cheer and Dance Divisions. The qualification process is available for the following divisions:
* Junior Allgirl and Coed Cheer (Level 4)
* Senior Allgirl Cheer (Level 5 & 6)
* Limited & Large Senior Coed Cheer (Level 6)
* Senior Dance (Jazz, Freestyle, HipHop)
* Junior Dance (Jazz, Freestyle, HipHop)

The registration fee for the championship depends on the number of divisions an individual participant will compete in. There are special early booking rates and coaches and assistants pay a standard fee of 32 EUR.

Early Booking Rates / Normal rates
Compete in 1 categorie: 35 EUR/ 42 EUR
Every additional team categorie: 10 EUR
Every additional special categorie: 20 EUR

The maximum registration fee is 72 EUR.

Team categories
Early booking rates: 21.03.2014
General registration deadline: 02.05.2014

Special categories:
Early booking rates: 21.03.2014
General registration deadline: 27.04.2014

You can order your Eventshirt to the XI. ECC 2014 for a special price of 14.90 EUR when ordering before 02.05.2014. Please find more info in the registration forms.

It will be possible again to stay in one of the school gyms near the Movie Park Germany. For only 8 € per person per night you can be accommodated with your whole team. The number of persons that can stay in the gyms is highly limited. Thats why all bookings will be processed by first-come-first-serve!

In addition to the qualification process to “The Worlds” you and your team can win prices of an overall value of up to 55.000 €. Teams that qualify for the finals have already won one of the great trophies and all team and groupstunt categories can win extra prices.

1. Place - Four participants packages for “The European Open 2014” including a 2 nights stay in a quad room at the Disney´s Hotel New York at the Disneyland Paris.*
2. Place - Two participants packages for “The European Open 2014” including a 2 nights stay in a quad room at the Disney´s Hotel New York at the Disneyland Paris.*
3. Place - 15 % discount for Varsity Spirit Fashion uniforms and 10% discount on Varsity Cheerleading Shoes!**
4. Place - 10% discount on Varsity Cheerleading Shoes!**
5. Place - 5% discount on Varsity Cheerleading Shoes!**

* Only when the team participates in the same or equivalent division at “The European Open 2014” as it did at the ELITE Cheerleading Championship.
** Only for uniforms and shoes (No equipment or poms). The maximum number of units that can be discounted is equal the number of participants that competed at the ELITE Cheerleading Championship. Discount is valid for one year.

Registration Forms

Registration Forms (english) (Version: 06.02.2014)


Rulebook (Version: 15.02.2014)
ELITE Cheer Level Rules (Version: May 2014 - UPDATE 2.4. Stunts Level 4 B)


Spectatorticket voucher for individuals
Spectatorticket form for groups from 20 people

List of participants

List of participants (Version: 04.06.2014) - LAST UPDATE!


Schedule (Version: 04.06.2014) - LAST UPDATE!